Java, me and other stories

Hi, I am Despina..

At the age of 18, I was impressed by the abstract beauty, the order and the discipline of Mathematics so I decided to study Applied Mathematics and Physics at National Technical University of Athens.

Soon enough I realised how much I love to find solutions where other people find problems and this is how engineering came to my life.

Since 2016 I work as Software Engineer.

From big corporate companies to startups, from consulting to product teams and from upgrade projects to new products for the markets, in industries of telecom, banking and fin-tech.

I seek for the innovation, the excellence and the challenge.

So far, I am experienced mostly on Java backend systems (Spring, Grails and Hibernate) with a little glitter of Javascript (knockout.js and vue.js) and PL/SQL .

Why I started this Blog?

Definitely I like the idea that I have my spot somewhere on the Internet, but the real reason was that, me, like most of software engineers love to share thoughts, ideas, knowledge and contribute to the society.
So here it is, a place where I could share some code-snippets, solutions for problems that I have faced or interesting things that I have learned.

I hope to find the content of my blog useful and feel free to share with me your feedback. I am always open to suggestions.

What else I like to do in my life?

I love the books, my bike, to play tennis, practice yoga and ride the waves on a sailboat!

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